Summit Genesis Workshop

3-Day Virtual Intensive To Build Out Your Success Virtual Summit.

Get 90 Days of work
​created in 3 days

None to done with your virtual summit. Launch your summit and grow your list & revenue.


100% Virtual Workshop –Attend from anywhere and finally get your virtual summit created and launched.

Day 1


Everything from concept & idea to theme and topic selection. We will be covering everything from concept & idea to theme & topic selection. We create a summit proposal with your summit type, sessions, framework, summit offer, engagement strategies and post summit offer.


Walk away with a completely done sales strategy, a written, recorded & ready to use Summit Home video, summit email communication campaigns, and promotional marketing completed strategy with marketing materials created.

Day 2

Build It​

This is not a theoretical workshop. This is get it done and walk away with a completely ready to rock virtual summit. We build out your speaker outreach campaigns, with a list of speakers to recruit and interview. We craft your sponsor packages, and you walk away with a completed professional sponsor deck to send out to get sponsors paying YOU to be on your summit.


Plus the actual Summit Pages.You get to immediately download one of our many professionally developed and created summit funnels (opt in page, thank you page, upsells, speaker info page, products, and everything in between).

Day 3


Map out your goals and the exact action steps to achieve them. Want to generate 10,000 leads and make six figures? Great, but you have to know exactly how to get there. Understand host build the list, make the sales, recruit sponsors, and generate post summit sales.


Also the interview process, set up, equipment, and crafting the perfect intro plus the post interview production process. Implement an Ever-Summit strategy that lives on forever, then test it all out in real time to know and see how it all works.

Here’s What Comes With 
The Virtual Workshop

This is more than just a virtual workshop, this is a step by step, get it done, hand in hand, live streamed, interactive intensive where you leave with a completed Virtual Summit created & ready to rock ALL in just 3 DAYS!!

The Process

  • Step 1: The Summit Template

  • Step 2: Strategy Pre-Call With A Summit Strategist

  • Step 3: Prep Work & Key Content

  • Step 4: Virtual Registration

  • Step 5: Join & Complete The Workshop

  • Step 6: Finish The Post Workshop Success Tips

Summit Genesis Workshop

The Virtual Workshop is a live streaming virtual workshop like nothing you have ever attended. There is teaching, demos, walk throughs, and Q&A.

Want to ask questions and have energetic music pumping no problem, hang out in the
Summit Zone. Want quiet time to work with zero distractions, awesome we have our
Summit Zen Space where
you can work distraction free.

Have issues or questions with Tech? No problem. Immediately hop over to one of our
 Summit Strategists who can  walk you through any tech items you need answered.

Every single aspect has been thought through to create the perfect, and most productive & successful summit creation workspace for you to build and launch your epic virtual summit.

What’s Included:

There’s more than $19,900+ of value offered in this 3-Day intensive.​

1. Strategy Pre-Call with a summit strategist to get clear on who &what to create a virtual summit. ($500)

2. 3-Day Virtual Intensive with Dr. Mark T Wade ($6,000)

3. Summit Genesis Portal with advanced pre & post training, resources, downloads, and resources. ($2,000)

4. Six Months Access (FREE) To Virtual Summits Software ($1,800)

5. Four Professional Summit Funnels Immediately inserted into your account ($4,000)

6. Agenda & Workbook with templates, promo materials, sponsor decks, etc ($600)

7. Digital Swag Bag –with amazing bonus goodies. ($1,000)

8. One FREE Ticket Comped to Summit Fest Live in New Orleans. ( $397)

9. Access to the Summit Genesis Vault with past workshop recordings, demos, swipe copy, speaker contracts, and more. ( $3,000)

10. Follow Up Post Workshop Strategy Call ($500)

11. 30 Days Access To The Summit Accelerator Coaching Program ($500/mo)




If you were to purchase each asp. Of course we are not going to charge $20,000. The Summit Genesis workshop is $,$$$ (payment options are available). We’ll show you in the workshop how you can immediately get paying sponsors and make this workshop essentially free before your summit even goes live!!


It’s a no brainer. Get sponsors to cover the tab then launch your summit and all the new leads & revenue is immediately cash flow positive.



Our Summit Genesis Workshop is not only the best, but it is the only one to offer a risk free guarantee. If you don’t get the value of the whole workshop in the first day just let us know before the end of the workshop and we’ll refund you the money AND let you finish the rest of the workshop!


Yep you heard that correct. We are so confident that our workshop will over deliver on value that we can offer a risk free opportunity for our students. So rest easy that when you register for the Summit Genesis Workshop you are going to get a one of a kind experience with a successful virtual summit as the end result (terms apply)

Who is It For?

  • This is NOT for lazy, unmotivated, get rich quick with no work type of people. This is NOT for “List Grabbers” hoping to just scrape the list of speakers.

  • This is for entrepreneurs who have a message that the world needs to hear and want a powerful way to get that message out faster and to more people

  • This is for motivated brand & business owners who are looking for an adrenaline shot into the heart of their business.

  • This is for thought leaders who are looking for another powerful way to add value to their audience, while building their community and networking with other thought leaders.

  • This is for those entrepreneurs who are willing to invest into themselves and their companies to see results and gains come from those investments.

Who is Dr. Mark T Wade

Your facilitator for the Summit Genesis Workshop is one of the worlds top Virtual Summit Thought Leaders. Dr. Mark went from a brick and mortar business to a multi million dollar online company using virtual summits. Having created more than 25 of his own Virtual Summits generating hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars, Dr. Mark founded the first platform (Virtual Summits Software) for online summits.


He’s the host of the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast, creator of the One-Day Summit, and runs Summit Fest Live in New Orleans every year. He’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve success through virtual summits, and his Viral Summits Concierge service is known for revolutionizing the Virtual Summit space.


With more hands on experience in the summit space than any other person on the planet Dr. Mark continues to help entrepreneurs get their messages out to the world through virtual summits. Those who attend the Summit Genesis Workshop get to work with Dr. Mark first hand to ensure their Virtual Summit is a success.

Virtual Summits have helped thousands of entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or already crushing it. Some have even gone on to build 7 & 8 figure companies that were originally started with a Virtual Summit. It’s the fastest most powerful way to build your audience, create influence & authority, connect with strategic partners and generate massive profits.

Get 90 Days of work created in 3 days.

Launch your summit and grow your list & revenue.. 

100% Virtual Workshop –Attend from anywhere and finally get your virtual summit created and launched

  • When is It​?

    We are currently hosting this 3 Day Intensive 6 times a year (or every other month) . We can host up to 15 people in a workshop, while maintaining the personalized care and attention. It is first come, first serve and once the workshop is full it is closed.

  • How To Apply?

    If you are interested in joining us for the Summit Genesis Workshop just fill out the application or shoot us an email for more information. Spots are limited to 15 per workshop and it is first come first serve. After you fill out the application we’ll send you over the specific details and next available dates plus the next steps to get started.

Stop Procrastinating!

You know you need (& want) a Virtual Summit,

but it’s either too much work, you don’t have enough time, the course you bought is just sitting there unfinished, and time keeps passing you buy. 


Take 3 Days to create the most powerful marketing strategy your
business, brand & program will ever have!

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3-Day Virtual Intensive To Build Out Your Success Virtual Summit. 100% Virtual Workshop!