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Get all of my top resources to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money - with the ONE-DAY SUMMIT FORMULA  + One Year Access  To Virtual Summits Software.


One-Day Summit

This is our GAME CHANGING program that focuses on continual list builder growth through one day virtual intensives. .  Can be implemented in as quick as 30 Days & and used over and over with little effort. 

Virtual Summits Software

The ONLY software in the world developed specifically for summits.  It makes hosting a summit easier than ever before.  No need for big budgets, teams, or time.  If you have an idea you can run a successful One-Day Summit!

Hustle To Scale Framework

Running a One-Day Summit is just the first step.  Ensuring you capitalize & monetize on all that effort is the most important part.  This program shows you how to turn all that work into momentum and profits.

Hear What They Have To Say

Recommended By Some Of The Top Online Entrepreneurs

Mark is up to some really amazing stuff. I fully endorse what
he has created.

Pat Flynn 

Smart Passive Income

Mark is doing some incredible things & you should definitely check him out!

John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs On Fire

The Virtual Summits Software is a game changer. The One-Day Summit changed my business!

Dr. Krista Burns

American Posture Institute

Rapidly Grow Your List


Our PROVEN Formula to QUICKLY grow your list, launch your platform
& make more money (even if you are just getting started)


Launch Your Platform

Use the ONE-DAY SUMMIT to quickly and effectively launch your new platform to the world.


New Leads

ONE-DAY Summits quickly and easily add an extra 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 new leads to your email list.  Grow your list quickly with a One-Day Summit.


More Money

One-Day Summits are one of the few ways to almost guarantee you will produce a profit when running it.  Add an extra $5,000 - $100,000 to your bank account. 

  • One Day Summit Formula Training. 

    100% online, 4 hour program with lifetime access, giving you everything you need to successfully run your One-Day Summit. 

  • One Day Summit Starter Guide. 

    A step by step guide that will help you get started quickly & successfully. 

  • One Day Summit Checklist.

    Never miss a step or get caught off guard with our ODS Checklist. 

  • One Day Summit Networking Community.

    Never be alone on your journey. Get tips, tools, resources & insights from other 6 & 7-Figure Entrepreneurs.

  • 30 & 60-Day Action Plan & Calendar.

    Stay on track to hit success within 30/60 days using our action plan and calendar. 

Included in
The One-Day Summit Program

You get $5,000 in FREE Gifts if you enroll today!

  • Speaker Recruitment Strategy

    Our success guide to easily and effectively recruit speakers for your One Day Summit.  Fill your event with high level influencers using these strategies. 

  • Topic Selection Guide

    Need help deciding your topic & theme.  No problem our topic selection guide will help you narrow that down to the perfect choice. . 

  • ONE-DAY Summit Planner

    Use our 30 or 60 day calendar to effectively map out your summit schedule.  Stay on top of your One Day Summit from the start!

  • Crafting Your Summit Offer

    Figure out exactly what and how to make an offer on your One-Day Summit in order to monetize your summit to the fullest.  Don't make a weak offer, come out strong!


You get $9,000 in FREE Gifts if you enroll today!

  • Summit To Business Creation

    Don't just use a summit as a one time event.  Use this guide to see how you can easily make a business out of your summit!

  • Speaker Checklist

    Never miss a thing with this checklist for you and for your speakers.  Also send it to your speakers so they have a list of items they need to complete - all ready and waiting for them. 

  • Speaker Tracker

    Use our summit speaker tracker document to record, manage and track all speaker deliverables.  Stay on top of your summit from day one!

  • Integration Success Guide

    Use this guide to see our go-to's for items such as filming best practices, email management and course creation. 

SUPER Summit Special Offer 

Get EVERYTHING You need to create, set up & run a Successful One-Day Summit while Building (& Monetize) Your Customer Journey. 

Full Pay

Virtual Summit Software Annual

One-Day Summit Formula
​Online Training Program

Ever-Summits Features

$7,500 in value

30-Day Guarantee


The ONLY Software Designed Specifically For Summits!

Virtual Summits Software

It makes hosting a virtual summit EASIER than ever before!  Have your summit up and ready
in less than 30 minutes!  Automate everything!  Activate the EVER-SUMMIT Feature to re-run your summit
LIVE for-EVER!! What use to cost $10,000 - $40,000 and take HUNDREDS of hours can be done for a few
hundred dollars & less than 30 minutes! 


Join The Summit Revolution & feel the power of running a summit.


Landing Page Builder

Easy & simple click & type landing page builder. Choose between our pre-made templates.


Speaker Management

Recruit, contact & manage speaker process automatically.  Allows speaker to log in and enter their own details. 


Automated Functionality

Automatically updates all areas of the summit when you make changes.  Automatically unlocks/locks presentations & reminders. 


Sponsors & Bonuses

Include sponsors & give bonuses with all deliverables handled automatically through the software.  

(Become The Influencer In A Day)

One-Day Summit Formula

Stop Trying To Figure It Out By Yourself! 

  • Understand How To Monetize Your Summit


  • Scale Past The Summit

  • Don't Just Rely On Your Summit For Profit

  • How To Keep Your Business Filled With New Leads


What's In The Program

Our ONE-DAY SUMMIT Training is a professionally-created online program that
gives you TOP quality in summit education. 

9 Modules

Each module prepares you for the specific steps of building out a successful summit. 

Quality Videos

Our videos were recorded with top quality professional equipment ensuring an incredible learning environment. 

Downloadable Resources

All bonuses and resources are provided in a downloadable format so you can work offline while building your summit.

Designated Course Login

Access the course at your own pace, when you want, from ANYWHERE.  Our online program gives you the access you want.

See what some of our students have to say:

Cade Archibald

CEO, Go Wellness

"Mark knows what he is talking about.  He has already given me at least 7 Figures worth of value that I believe I can achieve this year!"

Kevin Christie

CEO, Health Fit Sports Recovery

"I would have never done a summit if it weren't for Mark's help.  Thanks to that I doubled my list and made some real money off my summit!"

Krista Burns

Founder, American Posture Institute

"Virtual Summits helped me build a 7-Figure business.  It wouldn't have been possible without Mark's AMAZING insights, and strategies. "

Brad Gorski

AutoImmune Summit

"The hustle and scale training was amazing.  You have definitely hit this out of the park.  Such great value provided.  Thank you!"

Luke Wade

Founder, KC Crew

"It's amazing how much Mark knows about summits.  It's like second nature to him.  He helped me quickly see the best route to take and to build out a successful summit."

Ted Taveras

Co Founder, Spot On Insurance

"It's unreal how much value Mark brings to the table.  I know we are sitting on something huge now, that would have NEVER happened had it not been for Mark's amazing insights."

Dr. Mark
T Wade

I help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Businesses.

With 2 doctorates I went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space. I've created a two rated podcast, including the Virtual Summit show, invented the One-Day Summit, host a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker,  host the top LIVE conference for summit hosts (Summit Fest Live) & built the top platform for hosing summits, called Virtual Summits Software.   


I help entrepreneurs go from unknown to influencers while getting their message out to the world using a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy I used to build a multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It's one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses. 


Not only have I run more than 30+ successful summits including multiple MEGA summits, I have consulted for some of the top influencers & brands on their Virtual Summit, plus I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you host successful summits.  I look forward to helping you rock out your virtual summit too!



(Become The Influencer In A Day)

 One-Day Summit Formula

Stop Trying To Figure It Out By Yourself: Understand How To Monetize Your Summit, Scale Past The Summit, Don't Just Rely On Your Summit For Profit, How To Keep Your Business Filled With New Leads. 

Full Pay

Virtual Summit Software Annual

One-Day Summit Formula
​Online Training Program

Ever-Summits Features

$7,500 in value

30-Day Guarantee


That You Can Implement!

This isn't a magic trick, this is a proven formula that many others are implementing
right now!  Here What Others Are Saying!

Thoughts After A workshop on the
One-Day Summit Formula 

The One-Day Summit Formula has given her the tools she needs to implement success. ​

Kevin Talks about how Virtual Summits Software was the only reason he was able to pull off a successful summit.​

Brad talks about how the online summits program was what helped his summit become so successful.​

How the One-Day Summit Formula has given her success to implement in her business. ​

Cade talks about how Mark has helped him scale his business with his insights into Online Marketing Strategies. ​

Plug & Play
Success Frameworks

Also including our Copy & Paste Frameworks on how to run a
One-Day Summit For ALL areas of your business

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SUPER Summit Special Offer



*This is a limited time offer.  Once this offer expires it will be GONE FOREVER! 

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