Easily Generating Qualified & Engaged Leads On Demand Is The Key To Quickly Growing A Profitable Business And It’s Attainable Only Through A Collaborative Marketing Strategy


Hi, I’m Dr. Mark T Wade. 

Now I’ll introduce myself fully in just a moment. 


But first I want to tell you about a strategy to quickly build a qualified and engaged audience in ANY niche in less than 30 days… WITHOUT spending any money on paid traffic.

A new way that you can bring in 1,000 - 10,000 new leads a month, EVERY month without spending a single penny on paid traffic. 


We all know that the only way to create and keep a successful online business (no matter what your industry or what you are selling) is to have new leads coming into your business regularly.

But new leads aren't enough.  


You need qualified and engaged leads. 


We know all the ways the guru’s tell us to do it.  

Organic Traffic - Content

Write a blog every day and slowly build your audience base.  The only problem with that is how do you get people to that blog.

Paid Traffic

Then they say to run paid traffic to your content. 


Awesome if you have an extra $5,000 to $10,000 a month sitting around to spend on paid traffic. 

And even if you did, how do you keep that money from just being wasted on unqualified leads. 


Plus it seems every other day Facebook and every other platform is changing the rules, making it almost impossible to get great qualified leads.

Do Live Streams Every Day

Even if you got the qualified lead how do you get them engaged? 


How do you build Know-Like-Trust?


They’ll say to do live streams every day. 


I’m sure that works great if you love doing live videos and have an extra couple of hours every day to jump on and be live. 


But how many people are actually showing up.


Even now live stream reach is decreasing dramatically making those less and less effective.


And for the sales aspect, they say do a webinar to get those leads to buy. 



Except they fail to mention that most webinars have a less than 20% show up rate. 


So they’ll recommend doing a partner webinar. 


As if we didn’t already think of that right?


Problem is how do you convince someone else to let you sell to their audience?

You can’t.  


No one is going to just say, “Sure, come pitch your course/product to my list, even though I don’t know you.”


If it were that easy we’d all be millionaires right?


It’s like this catch 22 where everything they say in theory sounds great, but is completely impossible for most of us to actually implement. 


Now imagine if it were possible to just have people give you their leads... 


I know it sounds crazy but hear me out.  


What if you could bring together 5 or 6 people who have the perfect audience for your offer and have them just give you their list. 


Would that be a game changer?


Going from small or no list to having a qualified & engaged audience begging you to sell them something because they look at you as the answer to their problems.


That’s exactly what I want to show you how to do.

I know this probably sounds too good to be true.. 

But it’s not.

It’s called a Collaborative Marketing Strategy to build your email list using expert leverage to position yourself with authority. 

Now the fundamental concept to this strategy isn’t new.  It’s been around since 2005. 


The problem is it’s been reserved for the gurus.


Until we discovered this new and improved method. 


Previously it was only available for those who had big budgets to spend, and lots of collaborations already in place, big teams to help them out and could take 4 to even 6 months to implement.  


It was essentially reserved for those who already had success and used to keep building more success. 


Then I stumbled across the new way of doing it.

It actually came about out of a failure.

I was trying to mimic the gurus and follow all their advice and like most of us in this situation I couldn’t do it the way they did it.


But out of sheer determination and unwillingness to give up I unlocked pandora's box.

I thought for sure it had to be a fluke. 

It couldn’t be this easy and this quick and literally cost me nothing.


But it was and that changed everything.  

It was like I could print leads on demand.  


Qualified leads that looked at me as the expert and wanted me to help them. 


After more than a year of using this collaborative strategy to generate over 50,000 leads and $2 million in revenue I decided to share it. 

I first shared it with my partner Dr. Krista Burns who used it to sell a certification program. 


She had already tried to sell the program once and it flopped.

We built this special special strategy and called it “Neuro Fundamentals” (a name that aligned with her program) and in less than 30 days she had sold more than $40,000 into that program and made over 6 figures into her certification program. 

So then I shared it with some friends. 

Enter Dr. Greg Eckel who had an incredible in person clinic helping patients and wanted to finally take his expertise online and just like all of us he struggled with how to build his audience.


But then he implemented this collaborative marketing strategy and in about 30 days was able to implement it.  

Fast Forward one year and he had generated more than One Million Dollars in sales.  

But then I thought maybe it only works in the health niche. So I tested it out in a few other areas. 

Christina Jandali is in the business development space.  She wanted to grow her audience and generate some revenue. 


And just like all of us was faced with the same challenges of how to get it going. 

We spent a weekend working on the strategy and then she implemented the collaborative marketing strategy. 

With the help of 6 collaborators she more than doubled her list size and walked away with over 6 figures in revenue that month.


Still skeptical, I thought maybe it just works in health and business. =

So then I took Steve Stein, who is in the author space, and came to us because he wanted to start an online business and needed to build an audience. 


 At that time he had a list size of ZERO and didn’t even have anything yet to sell. 


I thought this will be the perfect test case. 

Using this collaborative marketing strategy he had a group of 7 collaborators come together and they sent him more than 2,000 new leads.


In the end not only did he have an engaged audience but he was able to generate over $10,000 that month from that same list. 


I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  

This works. 

In the past 4 years I’ve helped hundreds of people implement this strategy and do the exact same thing. 


Bring together a group of collaborators that sent them their lists.  


Those new leads were qualified and engaged and then converted into sales.


Millions of dollars in sales from hundreds of thousands of leads. 


In the end what I’ve realized is that every entrepreneur needs to build an audience, which is the life line to their business and the most important aspect to finally breaking through to that next level, but building your audience is also the most difficult challenge for all businesses regardless of what level you are at.  


And I had the key to solve this problem. 


If you have that same problem then you’ll want to listen closely.  

And I had the key to solve this problem. 

If you have that same problem then you’ll want to listen closely.  

Now, if it’s that easy to build an engaged and qualified audience why haven’t you figured this out already, you might be wondering? 


It’s not your fault.  


It’s because most of the strategies out there focus on the topics I mentioned earlier. 


Organic/SEO, paid traffic, content, content, content, and partner webinars. 


Which in theory are great.

If you already have a big audience, the resources to spend, or relationships with someone willing to let you sell to their audience you’re golden.

If you can break through to that seven figure level then yeah these strategies work amazing… sometimes.

But wait Mark, “How in the world do you get these people to send you their audience?”, you might be thinking...

It’s actually not nearly as crazy as it sounds. 


I mentioned the foundation to this strategy isn’t new.


You have probably heard of it and maybe you’ve even seen one in action.  


I’ll expand on exactly what the new strategy involves in a moment.


But first the original inspiration of this strategy came from something called a “Virtual Summit”.

It’s where someone brings together 30 to 80 expert speakers over a period of 5 to 10 days highlighting these speakers.  


Each speaker promotes it to their audience which then generates new leads by signing up for the summit.

The summit releases a set of pre-recorded presentations that are dripped out over the course of 5 to 10 days.  


The benefit to the speaker is:

  • they get a “stage” to speak on,

  • an opportunity to generate some commissions from the audience they send to your summit,


....and all they have to do is a simple interview.

It’s a win-win-win. 

The audience is sent to you by someone they already know and trust, which is how you leverage their authority and credibility.  (remember that concept of “Expert Leverage”). 


So now you have an audience who knows, likes, and trusts you and sees you as the authority.  


It’s a tested and proven strategy.

They’ve been around since 2005 and in the last year we’ve seen them skyrocket in popularity…


 ...because they work.


Summits have generated millions of leads and well over 8 figures in revenue over the years. 


Virtual Summits have built influencers almost overnight, and have helped guru’s scale to unreal levels.

You’ve probably heard of some of them. Chandler Bolt, Michael Hyatt, Stu McLaren, Pete Vargas, even Tony Robbins have all done Virtual summits.


They are considered one of the MOST powerful online marketing strategies available. 


And they work very very well. 


But unfortunately, it’s not a strategy that will work for most of us (at least not at the beginning). 


The problem with the standard Virtual Summit is it can take 4 to 6 months to put together.

  • It requires a TON of planning and time.  

  • Also how do you find 50 speakers for your summit? 

  • It’s quite difficult to do for someone just getting started or for a small team.

Now there are lots of people teaching, talking, and selling Virtual Summit programs. 


You may have seen some of them. 


The unfortunate thing they’ll never tell you is that more than 50% of people who buy their programs never end up actually hosting their summit. 


I know this personally.  


That failure I mentioned above, was exactly what happened to me. 


I set out to do a 5-Day 40 speaker virtual summit and I couldn’t pull it off.


As embarrassing as that is to admit at the time, now I realize it was a blessing in disguise. 


Fortunately I didn’t quit in that moment of failure, I adapted. 


Let me explain.


When trying to create my first summit I was only able to get 7 speakers,


7 out of 50Embarrassing, I know. 


That hurt a little to see my hopes of building this summit, generating a huge audience and going on to fulfill my goals, crumbling before my eyes.


Luckily my ego wouldn’t let me throw in the towel, so I decided to adapt and run it as a ….

One-Day Summit

I had NO CLUE how it would work or even if it would work.


But it did.


That one day summit generated almost 5,000 leads and created over $30,000 in revenue.


And that was the first real money I had made online. (insert happy dance)


All those success stories I mentioned above, about the people who were able to build their audience, and sell thousands of dollars were One-Day Summits.  


With 5-10 speakers.


Same powerful strategy, except now adapted to make it possible for any entrepreneur at any skill level, and any team size to be able to implement.  


I didn’t realize at that moment I had just invented something that would change the lives of so many people.  


I’ll explain exactly how it works in a moment.

But first the thing to note here is that no matter what you’ve tried in the past, if you ended up not hitting your goals, it’s not your fault that it didn’t work. 


Almost every strategy that is currently being taught (Virtual Summit or otherwise) is geared towards entrepreneurs who already have success going for them. 


But what about those of us who are working so hard and not getting to that next level. 


I get it. 


You work hard every day trying to help people. 

You are trying to do everything that the gurus and coaches are telling you to do. 

You build a course but have no one to sell it to. 


So you write a bunch of blogs and do a bunch of Live Streams but still have a small audience.


You throw some money into paid traffic and just watch it go up in smoke.


You try to host a webinar and no one shows up.


It’s demoralizing.

I call it the “Treadmill Effect”. 

Sprinting, sprinting, sprinting, but never actually moving forward. 


Just like you are on a treadmill. 

Maybe you’ve felt like that too?


But not any longer. 


We both know you must have an audience to build your business. 


That audience needs to be qualified and engaged if they are going to buy from you.  

They need to see you as the expert.  The authority

But no matter what you do, you’re still just barely getting by. 


I know how you feel, and it’s time to step off the treadmill and actually start building your audience.

Either you continue to sprint on the treadmill or you build your audience. 


Luckily the time is now. 


Not just because your business depends on it. 


But also because time may be running out. 

The One-Day Summit strategy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs break through this same barrier and get to the next level. 

It works. 


But there are a LOT of people now who know about this strategy. 


We are helping people every day get their One-Day Summit launched and getting massive results like Greg, Krista, and Steve.  


Therefore it means someone may be looking at doing your One-Day Summit topic in your same niche.  


Which means the longer you wait the harder the competition is going to be. 


The good news is that once you have your One-Day Summit established you essentially “own” that topic in that niche.  


Most people avoid doing one on the same topic someone else has already hosted. 


So the longer you wait the more likely it is that you'll be seeing someone else hosting what should have been your One-Day Summit. 


They’ll be contacting the same speakers that you would have contacted.

They’ll be generating the list that YOU would have generated.


Right now there is lots of opportunity to get in and crush it. 


Next year it might be a different story. 


Even better news is if you want to jump in now, it won’t take you 4 to 6 months to do like the old version of the “Virtual Summit”. 


You can have your own One-Day Summit up and ready to rock in as little as 30 days. 


Every month that passes the odds go up that someone else may have already grabbed your topic or asked the speakers you would have asked. 


And if this passes you by then the only other way to build that audience is the long, slow, & expensive way.


Which we both know hasn’t been working so well.

If you’re still reading this then you probably can see how this may be a good strategy to at least consider. 

But you may still be wondering exactly how it works. 


Maybe you are even thinking, “But who are you Dr. Mark to tell me this, and why should I listen to you”?


Fair question.

I already mentioned how I “accidentally” invented the One-Day Summit strategy, but what I didn’t tell you yet is what I did with it afterwards. 


I didn’t just run one summit and then start teaching how to do it, which is what you’ll see from a lot of other summit “experts” out there. 


I actually used the One-Day Summit strategy to build an empire in my first company which creates certifications for healthcare professionals world wide.  

See I started out in the health niche, hence the “doctor title. 


I actually have 2 doctorates and about 30 some certifications in neurology, neuroscience and human function. (which really just means I’m a big nerd) 


One of the benefits to being a nerd is I love psychology and studying why people do (or don’t do) certain things. 


Which is why I quickly realized that this special strategy was so powerful. 


It bypasses many of the psychological triggers that turn people away. 


I actually discovered that the One-Day Summit has 13 very powerful (and specific) psychological triggers that pull people in instead of push them away. 

A few of my favorites are the:

  • Rule of reciprocity,

  • Social Conformity, 

  • Social Influence,

  • Loss Aversion, & the

  • Mere Exposure Effect. 

All of which are naturally ingrained in this strategy. 


So after struggling for over a year to finally build an audience, and discovering this powerful strategy, I doubled & tripled down on the One-Day Summit.


Which is the exact strategy I used to build my first company (The American Posture Institute) into a multi million dollar business.


We ran 2-4 multi day summits and 4 - 8 One-Day Summits EVERY year.  


And that company still exists today, considered the world's largest provider of postgraduate online posture education.


Imagine if I can use a One-Day Summit to build an empire in the posture niche, what you can do in your niche.


Summits worked amazing for my company. 

But then we ran into another problem... 

Building the summits

It took FOREVER, and was very difficult to create and run. 


Which is another reason that summits were typically reserved for the “gurus”. 


So I decided to solve that problem as well. 


In 2016 I set out to build the first Summit platform ever created. 


And in 2017 I launched The Virtual Summits Software, which makes hosting a virtual summit quicker and easier than ever before. 

By 2018 I was helping so many people run their summits that I decided to exit my first company and go full in on virtual summits. 


Fast forward to today and we have become one of the premier summit companies in the world.

I run a multi-six-figure summit agency called Viral Summits Concierge which has helped summit hosts generate hundreds of thousands of leads and revenue. 

Our Virtual Summits Software has hosted more than 4,000 virtual summits on our platform. 


And I also host the only in person conference specifically for virtual summits called Summit Fest Live.

Over the last year alone I’ve consulted for some of the top business, brands and entrepreneurs on their summits. 


Our educational systems and courses have helped thousands of summit hosts launch their One-Day Summit.


And my podcast “The Virtual Summit Podcast” was listed as a top 10 new and noteworthy podcast, which has been downloaded going on almost 100,000 times. 

I don’t tell you that to brag.  


The main reason is so that you know I didn’t just run one summit and decide, “I bet I could make money teaching summits”. 


I live and breath summits and my core belief that drives everything I do is that YOU have a message that matters.


And the TOP way to get that message out to the world is with a Summit.

So how does a One-Day Summit work exactly?

  • It’s a collaborative marketing strategy that brings together 5 to 10 micro influencers & topic experts who pre-record a presentation solving a problem for a specific audience in a very short period of time (aka One Day). 


  • It’s free for the attendees to participate which is why it is so powerful in building your list. 


  • They see you, the host of the summit with all these experts and it builds your authority.

  • They spend time watching those “sessions” and begin to know & like you.


  • They get free value from your One-Day Summit that helps solve their problem so they begin to trust you.


  • Once the summit ends (and you now have them on your email list) the next logical progression for them is to take action with your next offer. 

It’s actually quite simple, which is one of the reasons it’s so powerful.


People’s attention spans are so short these days, and they are so busy they don’t want to sit through 10 days and 80 presentations.


They want you to solve their problem NOW (in a day). 


This increases conversions into the One-Day Summit and increases engagement because they show up and participate. 


It’s pre-recorded interviews so your energy needed to host it is relatively low.  

And the most important aspect to creating a successful One-Day Summit is always STARTING WITH THE END IN MIND.

Where do you want the audience to go AFTER the summit? What is your course, program, service, etc that you sell?

You want the topic of your summit to align with that.  

Then when the audience registers for your summit they are obviously going to be interested in the program you will be selling afterwards. 


This is how you ensure you are getting QUALIFIED leads.


Once you have the topic selected you break that down into 5 to 10 sessions that relate and this is how you choose your speakers.


In regards to speakers you are looking for MICRO influencers.


Not Tony Robbins.  


Someone in your niche that has an audience base that would be perfect for your offer and interested in speaking on your summit. 


There are LOTS of those.


By selecting micro influencers you increase the amount of “yes” you’ll get.  

And since you only need 5 speakers everyone can do it.


That also is one of the reasons you can put a One-Day Summit together so quickly. 


Most One-Day Summits can be put together in
as little as 30 days.


Of course you can take more time if you want, but if time is of the essence then this is your new secret weapon.

But what about all the finer details of creating a One-Day Summit


Details like: selecting your topic, speaker recruitment, promotional strategies, creating a summit offer and building out your summit.

Introducing The One-Day Summit Formula

  • This is the step by step system that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs strategize, create, and host their One-Day Summit. 


  • Broken down into 4 easy to follow modules with in depth trainings covering every aspect you need to know to create a successful One-Day Summit.


  • This program walks you through exactly how to craft your summit idea and align it with your Post Summit Offer to ensure your audience goes from summit to sale.


  • It shows you how to create a summit offer, speaker research and outreach creating the promotional materials, sponsor outreach, and how to engage with your audience once they are in the summit. 


The program even teaches 10 different One-Day Summit frameworks to use for every different type of promotional goal you might have. 

From audience building to selling a membership program to even getting people into your mastermind.

And this is an ever-improving program.  


Meaning I am constantly adding more insights and strategies into it. 


Any time I find something new that is working I create a training and add it into the “additional trainings” which some have said are just as valuable as the program itself. 

Now if you are interested in this program I have a special opportunity for you

The One-Day Summit Formula program is $1,997 normally. 


If you went to our website you could purchase it right now for that price. 


But I’m going to give you some things you won’t get if you bought it directly off our website to ensure you rock your One-Day Summit. 


So stick with me as this is a limited-time opportunity.


In addition to the full program that will give you the insights into crafting a successful One-Day Summit to build your audience, influence and revenue, I’m also going to give you some special bonuses today only.


  • Summit Opt In Video  ($197 Value)

    Our Summit Home Video script gives you the exact script to use when creating your opt in video to ensure you increase conversions into your summit.   


    This ensures even if you don’t know what to say or you don’t love being on video that you can create a highly converting summit optin video.

  • Integration Guide ($97 Value)

    This guide walks you through all the top integrations you may want to use with your summit to ensure even the most NON-Techy person can implement a One-Day Summit. 

  • Ever-Summit Strategy  ($197 Value)

    Your One-Day Summit isn’t just a one and done event either.  With our Ever-Summit strategy you will know how to turn your summit into the top of your funnel on going forever (hence EVER-Summit).  Just like Greg who ended up generating over a million dollars from his One-Day Summit you can re-use this summit over and over again. 

  • Speaker Recruitment Guide ($197 Value)

    If you are a little nervous on how to get your speakers, this Speaker Recruitment guide will give you the most effective strategies in reaching out to your speakers to ensure you get a YES.  

  • Speaker Tracker ($297 Value) 

    Once you have your speakers our Speaker Tracker document will help you easily manage those speakers and stay organized in the process.  This will reduce all your overwhelm and make this a simple and fun process. 

  • Summit Video Set Up ($397 Value) 

    In this bonus I’ll show you proper video set up and how to ensure your summit presentations look as professional as your summit.

  • One-Day Summit Calendar  ($297 Value)

    If you are worried about getting your summit done on time you can use our One-Day Summit Calendar which gives you a 30 day (and 60 day) break down of exactly what to do each day leading up to your summit going live.  This will ensure you stay on track and get your summit done. 


    This One-Day Summit Formula is a proven formula that has had more than 250 summit hosts go through it and has helped them generate thousands of leads and tens of thousands in revenue. 

    Here are a few examples of One-Day Summit Hosts in a variety of niches.  

    Their success can be your success with the One-Day Summit Formula.


    Dr. Krista, who is in the health professional niche, used the One-Day Summit formula to launch a premium One-Day Summit called “Neuro Fundamentals”.  She created this summit in 30 days and premiered it to her audience and in less than 30 days generated more than $40,000 in revenue and took that same audience into her Flag Ship program producing more than Six Figures in overall revenue

    Dr. Krista Burns

    Majeed Is in the speaker training space and used the One-Day Summit formula to consistently bring in new qualified leads into his $10,000 program.  He’s generated over six figures in revenue using this on going strategy to build his influence and authority.

    Majeed Mogharreban

    Dan has an agency who decided to start running One-Day Summits for his clients.  After going through this program he was able to help a client in the “Poker” niche generate 4,000 leads and over $50,000 from a single One-Day Summit.

    Dan Russell

    Christina has used our One-Day Summit formula for multiple summits.  She built a database of qualified leads for her flagship business development program.  She’s also used the One-Day Summit formula to generate over $100,000 for a charity.

    Christina Jandali

    Dr. Greg went from no online business to hosting a single One-Day Summit that over the course of a year brought him in over a million dollars in revenue using the Ever-Summit Strategy.  He immediately had a successful online business that he’s since used it to help clients all over the world.

    Dr. Greg Eckel

    Chris the founder of Podfest used the One-Day Summit to his audience getting amazing feedback from his attendees.  He’s since went on to host multiple additional virtual events, including setting a Guinness book of world records for most participants across the world at one time.

    Chris Krimitsos

    Kevin kicked off his online business with a Summit.  He more than doubled his list and generated well over $15,000 from one single virtual summit.  Kevin has since run more than 6 different Virtual Summits continuing to grow his audience and revenue. 

    Kevin Christie

    After going through the One-Day Summit Formula program Steve was able to generate over 2,000 leads and more than $10,000 in revenue before even creating an online program to sell.  He’s continued to run his “Summit Series” further increasing his authority in the author niche.

    Steve Stein

    Aweber has run several successful One-Day Summits.  Their Podcast One-Day Summit was used to fill an in person conference they were speaking at helping them enter into a new market using their One-Day Summit.


    I think you get the picture, but really there are hundreds of stories just like this.  


    The One-Day Summit Formula works in any niche, any industry and for any level of experience. 


    Whether you are just getting started or you already have something going but want to boost it to that next level. 


    The question is are you ready to start building your audience, influence and success in your niche just like these summit hosts?

    If you take action during this special promotion and enroll into the program for $1,997  you’ll get the One-Day Summit Formula along with all of these bonuses. 


    Imagine what adding an extra 1,000 new qualified and engaged leads to your list would do for your business. 

    Now imagine having them in 30 days. 


    It’s like the easy button for generating an audience, which is the number one most important aspect for any business. 


    And it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

    Once you have the knowledge you can use it over and over and over again


    Like having 1,000 new qualified and engaged leads every month.


    That would be a game changer for your business.

    But before we end this here, there is one question I haven’t answered yet that you are probably still thinking about.


    “How do I build my One-Day Summit”?


    It sounds like it could be complicated. 


    Do you have any coding skills or a technical teams that can build it for you?  

    Building out a summit by hand can take anywhere from 50 to 100 hours of time to do.  

    It could cost you up to $5,000 in different technologies to build and leaves a lot of opportunity for problems and glitches to happen.   


    Like redirecting links when sessions end, building out speaker pages, opt in pages and sales pages.  


    It’s not easy, fun or quick. 


    Unless you had an all in one platform that was built exactly for hosting successful virtual summits. 


    Oh wait, we have one of those don’t we?


    It’s your lucky day.  


    I have one more thing you can only get right now during this special promotion. 


    It’s going to make this an opportunity too good  to pass up.

    If you take action now and enroll into the One-Day Summit Program BEFORE this promotion expires I’m going to throw in 6 months of the Virtual Summits Software COMPLETELY FREE!

    Virtual Summits Software

    ​ ($1,800 Value)

    It handles the summit pages, attendee management, hosting the summit, sponsors, summit offers, payments, and delivers all the summit materials.  


    There has never been an easier way to host your summit. 

    I’m also going to include our revolutionary Ever-Summit Feature built on our proprietary technology, which with ONE CLICK of a button will rerun your summit on going forever.

    If you can use a keyboard, you can now build a summit.


    What used to take 50+ hours to build can now be done in just a few hours using the Virtual Summits Software. 


    The industry standard for hosting summits with more than 4,000 summits hosted and counting. 


    It can handle any size of audience and gives you the peace of mind that your summit will run professionally and successfully. 


    That now gives you everything you could possibly need to run & host a successful One-Day Summit. 


    Let’s take a look at all of that together.


    • One-Day Summit Formula ($1,997 Value)

    • Summit Home Video  ($197 Value)

    • Integration Guide ($97 Value)

    • Ever-Summit Strategy  ($197 Value)

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    • Summit Agenda Guide ($97 Value)

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    • Virtual Summits Software ($1,800 Value)

      Total Value: $5,867

      For only...


      And if you’re still on the fence I’m even going to throw in a crazy assurance guarantee.

      Our CRAZY ASSURANCE Guarantee



      We Got Your Back!  If you need help, we are here!


        If you can't figure out how to do something with your One-Day summit, just let us know and we will personally help you figure it out.  (yep you can speak to an actual human being not just resources, videos and guides) 


        If you've tried and still can't get a minimum of 5 speakers let us know and we will personally help you. 


        If you can't figure out how to make money with your summit, just let us know and we will personally help you work on your offer.

      On top of our Assurance that we’ve got your back, we’ll also throw in a money back performance guarantee.


      If you go through the program and host your One-Day Summit and can’t generate ANY audience from your summit then we’ll give you the money back and let you keep the program.  


      It’s essentially risk free.  What do you have to lose? 

      If it works, and I know it will work then you build an audience and take your business to the next level AND have a strategy you can reuse over and over. 


      If it doesn’t (again, I know it will)  then you have the performance guarantee.

      What you really have to lose is actually more important, and the reason we are having this conversation. 


      It’s your business, if you don’t find a way to get new qualified & engaged leads into it, your business won’t last.


      Look, you've seen how you can build your list, then turn that list into thousands of dollars using the One-Day Summit formula. 


      You saw how other summit hosts who’ve used the One-Day Summit Formula have generated small fortunes from one single summit. 


      I’ve thrown in all the bonuses you’ll need plus given you the Virtual Summits Software to host your summit and am giving you an incredible offer that we won’t be giving again.


      When this promotion ends the price goes back up and the extra bonuses including the software are gone.


      No ifs ands or buts.   

      If it expires it’s over. 

      So don’t miss out on this opportunity. 


      And with the assurance & performance guarantee that fully covers the cost of the program. 

      Now it’s time for a decision. 

      The way I see it you have Three Options...

      Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.   


      If you already know how to get off that treadmill and get to the next level and build a qualified and engaged audience quickly…


      Then maybe you don’t need the One-Day Summit Formula. 


      But if what you’ve been doing currently isn’t working then that leaves you with the two other options…

      Option #2: Do it yourself. 


      You can try to figure out what the best topic is for your summit, and how to correctly recruit the speakers, and how to promote it,  and avoid the common summit pitfalls and guess at the small details that make big differences in a successful summit. 


      If you’re willing to work hard, try it over and over again to get it right and spend countless hours figuring it out on your own then maybe you’ll pull it off. 

      Option #3: My One-Day Summit (Plug & Play) Formula


      Or you can simply take my 7+ years of summit experience, my thousands of hours of research, trial and error figuring out what works and what doesn't, and just go through our proven system.


      All you need to do is breeze through my One-Day Summit Formula training, implement the strategy laid out, use the Virtual Summits Software and host a successful One-Day Summit.


      Then kick back and reap the rewards of a brand new qualified and engaged audience in as quick as 30 days.

      Now let's be clear this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. 


      You obviously have to go through the training, and then do some work, like get your speakers and interview them, but this isn’t rocket science.


      And it’s definitely 1000x more effective than any other strategy out there.


      Of these three options, ask yourself…


      What’s going to be easier for you?


      You see, there are two types of people in this world…

      Those who dream about achieving their goals without ever taking any action to make it happen…

      And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself. 

      Most people will tell you about their dream and big vision for building their business. 


      But we both know very few actually make it happen. 


      It’s an unfortunate truth in building an audience and a business.  


      The classic tale of the willful and the wishful


      Most people will keep dreaming…

      While the few who are actually serious about achieving their dream will take action.  


      Since you’ve made it to this point I think you’re one of the few special ones..


      One of the entrepreneurs who can make their dream happen. 


      If I’m right and you’re still with me..


      I’m ready to send you access to the One-Day Summit Formula with all the bonuses and the software. 


      But only YOU can decide. 


      So what will it be?

      For only...


      Tested & Proven...


      This same formula has been used by gurus and newbies and everyone in between.  They have benefitted from the One-Day Summit and now you can as well!  

      Pat Flynn

      Owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal best-selling author and host of the 'Smart Passive Income' and 'AskPat' podcasts.

      John Lee Dumas

      Founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast and author of  the book The Common Path to Uncommon Success, your 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment!

      Dr. Krista Burns


      Founder of the American Posture Institute.  She is a Dual doctorate, TEDx Speaker, Author of the Textbook the Posture Principles.  

      Dr. Greg Eckel

      Former Vice President of Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

      Mike Kim

      Personal Brand strategist, Host of the top-ranked Brand You Podcast

      Ernie Svenson

      Founder of Law Firm Autopilot


      Erin Loman Jeck

      CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, Executive Speaking Coach

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