• Go From Hidden Gem To Influencer With A VIRAL Summit! YOU Have A Message The World Needs To Hear!  Let Us Help Get It Out

Our full-stack virtual summit concierge service  provides thought leaders the team of experts & platform to make their message viral and become market leaders.


Virtual Summits are the one thing that does EVERYTHING! Now you can get the benefits without having to do it yourself.


We understand what separates World-Class summits from average events. We create a second to none experience for everyone involved.


We understand that is not about numbers but about transformation. We create lasting improvement in the lives of your audience.


We understand that your message matters, we want to celebrate your message and share it with the World. We know how to create virality in our summits and how to maximize the lives touched it.

How Are We Different?

When you work with us, you get a dedicated team of professionals that will take care of every detail and guide your through every step of the process to produce an impactful World-Class event


We create your summit around YOUR vision - Each summit is 100% customized to you. We don't template and force you into our model.

- We celebrate you & empower you. 

- We provide you with strategic training & info.

- We do it ALL, you reap the rewards!

  • We do the research

  • Create your summit story

  • Guide you with your outreach to speakers

  • Create your summit assets

  • Implement our proven summit marketing system

  • And much more!!!

We Work With Inspired People On A Mission To Make An Impact

We are NOT

  • List Grabbers

  • Unethical

  • Get-Rich-Quick Mindset

We only work with people interested in changing lives with an impactful message and sharing that message with the World.


From Start To Finish In 4 Simple Steps.

It's your summit and we are your team.  You get the massive benefits of hosting a summit without the hassle of building it out and running it.  


You hop on a call with our summit team and download your vision of your summit to us.  We take every detail you give us back to the drawing board to work on a successful summit proposal


Based off your vision call we will give you 2 - 3 different scenarios of how we could create and run your summit.  You decide which one you like, and tweak it how you want and then we are off to the races.


We immediately jump into building out your summit. We assist you with strategies for speaker research & recruitment, and sponsor outreach. We build the summit pages, create the copywriting & marketing strategy.  Everything is verified and approved by you. 


Sit back and watch the success roll in.  We will host your summit on our platform and help manage the customer service component.  We are your team there to support you in every way..


Fill Out an application to schedule a discovery call with our team and see if a VIRAL Summit is right for you! 

We have an extensive waiting list for our service.  Please reach out as early as possible to ensure you can secure your preferred summit date. 

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We Do The Work, You Get The Results

Want something special, we got you covered.

We create the Virtual Summit the way you want it!

Multi-Day Summit

Create a multi day high level, summit that includes 25+ speakers on a variety of different topics.

One-Day Summit

Want to build a one off laser focused one-day summit on a specific topic that boosts a specific outcome? Ex: Live Event, Membership, Product Launch, Book Launch, or more.

Summit Series

Take the relationship quality of a podcast, combined with the power of a TV show, and add the benefits of building a list and monetizing it, and you have a One-Day Summit Series.

A Team Of Experts

VIRAL Experience

At Viral Summits we aren’t just summit experts. We are summit pioneers leading the way for all things summits. We created the first ever platform for summits with our Virtual Summit Software, and proprietary Ever-Summit Technology. We created & perfected the One-Day Summit, and then evolved these processes to host the first ever Summit Series.


We hosted the world’s only in person conference for summit hosts called Summit FEST Live where we bring the world’s top summit coaches & experts together to teach on the most cutting edge summit strategies.


We stay up to date with the summit tactics that work at this moment, through our Virtual Summit Podcast, which is the first podcast created that specifically interviews summit experts on what works & what doesn’t when it comes to summits.


Our summit educational programs such as Interview With Impact, Summit Scripts,and the Summit Story Arc are used by thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and have helped to create some of the most successful virtual summits to date.


When you work with us you aren’t just working with a summit expert. You areworking with the team that is trend setter for summits. The experts, expert. It’s who the top entrepreneurs on the planet turn to for summit advice

VIRAL Summits Team

Dr. Mark T Wade, Founder & Visionary

Dr. Mark T Wade is the founder of Viral Summits and the visionary behind the evolution of summits. He has hosted more than 15 of his own successful summits,over the past 6 years, having created several 6, 7, & Multi-Seven figure companies using virtual summits. He is the creator of the revolutionary Summit Story Arc and has consulted with some of todays top entrepreneurs on their summits. He's the host of the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast, inventor of the One-Day Summit, creator of the Virtual Summit Software and host of Summit Fest Live.  When it comes to creating a summit that matters, Dr. Mark is a considered the foremost expert on all things summit related.

VIRAL Summits Team

Additionally each Viral Summit is backed by a team of summit experts who are all hand picked for their individual talents & skill set in the summit industry. This allows us to ensure every summit is of the highest quality and success. Our team includes:

  • Summit Strategists
  • Speaker Concierges
  • Research Team
  • Marketing& PromotionTeam
  • Copy Writing Experts
  • Video Editing Team
  • Graphics Department
  • Affiliate Management
  • Customer Service
  • Products & Deliverables

In Conclusion, when you work with Viral Summits you are not getting a summit expert. You are getting a team of summit minds with skilled summit experts. We will create you a summit that matters.If you are ready to build your influence, make an impact in the world, and grow your audience then fill out the application to see if you qualify

Viral Summits Concierge

Evolving Virtual Summits for thought leaders who have a message they want to share with the world.  Listen to a full description of our Viral Summits Done For You Concierge service in this episode of the Virtual Summit Podcast.


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How are you different?

What exactly do you do?

Is there someone I can talk to throughout?

How much time is needed?

Do you take everyone who applies?

Do you help train me for the summit?

I want my speakers taken care of?

How do you charge?

Do I get to choose my speakers?


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